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Our specialized & experienced team has the robust skills in designing and developing effective websites that can bring the most outstanding results to our clients. We are a web development company that provides excellent &  innovative web development & web design services. With an experienced,  professional team of developers and designers, we have handled multiple number of projects in different areas, and  of different complexities, since our inception. We have a completion rate of 100%, and customer satisfaction rate of 98%. We are ready to apply our maximum efforts to mirror your project’s objectives and goals in a pellucid style through our ingenious ideas of web creations. We guarantee your optimum satisfaction.


Why Hire Us?

The little things

Impeccably keen to detail. We don't start a project until we are absolutely informed. In this way, we are able to guarantee satisfaction.

Customer Support

We provide flawless customer support. Our motto is; customer's satisfaction above all else. We take this to heart.

Clean Work

We use modern approaches when tackling development or design projects. Our code is clean and easy for any other developer to understand.


At Pixinal, we brainstorm for the best practices and processes. We are here to help you establish a clearer vision & strategy of your amazing idea.

On Time Delivery

When we receive a project, we spend a lot of time determining a realistic time to deliver. Accepting a project means we are 100% sure we can do it.

After Care

Once we complete and deliver a project, our care doesn't just end there. We check up on you, and help out when you need us.

More about Our Service

Our team constitutes expert professionals with many years of experience in the following: PHP (Codeigniter, Lavarel, CakePHP), Javascript (including node.js, jQuery, Angular.js and most of the other popular libraries), Bootsrap, Java (Android development), Swift and Objective-C (IOS development), Python, C++ & Ruby on Rails. Our expertise doesn’t just end here, start a project with us.

Our Process

START A PROJECT: You can start a project with us without any commitment. We understand you might just be window shopping.

SECURITY: Your IP is of utmost important to us. Send us your NDA if you want it signed.

TOTAL CONTROL: Zero Outsourcing, complete control and maximum flexibility allows you and your team to call the shots at every level.

AFTER CARE: We stick with you after launch, as we understand that real sales is post sales support 🙂

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