Upcoming GigToDo v1.4.1

We know the wait has been long, and for some people, painful. We do sincerely apologize for this. As some of you might know, building a web app like GigToDo is not precisely a walk in the park. It comes with complexities of several different levels. Unlike other huge web applications, we actually build our products in a way that is extremely user friendly and easily scalable in the long run. With that said, we promise to continuously improve and perfect the GigToDo Freelance Marketplace platform.

Now on to the good part, what is to be expected from this new update?

1) Admins can manually make proposals appear in “Top Rated Proposal” section on home feed.

2) Processing fee is now fixed or by percentage. Initially it was just fixed

3) Feature Proposal Request While Creating A Proposal (Optional) :

This option appears at the end of create a proposal page

  • Let your proposal appear on several places on $WebSiteName
  • Proposal will always be at the top section of search results
  • With $WebSiteName feature, your proposal already has a 50% chance of getting ordered by potential buyers

 So this is an option for sellers to choose to feature their proposals. 

Admin has an option to either allow this feature (For featured Proposals) or not.

There is a section in the admin panel with the option “Allow Featured Proposal Request While Creating a Proposal => ‘Yes’ ‘No”” If yes, the option will show, if not, option will not show.

4) Accounting item added in admin panel

    Here admin can see

a) Total sale: This will add up all sale made on the platform. It will also show different payment sources used.

b)  Total Shopping Balance: Admin will be able to see the total shopping balance in people’s account on platform

c) Gross Profit: This will contain all the gross profit made on the platform, before expenses.

d) Expenses: This item is manually entered, as platform doesn’t track expense

e) Net Profit: This will be the gross profit earned on the platform minus the expenses

  The above items can be filtered based on Start Date & End Date

5) Freelancer page have been added. Here you can see all freelancers on the platform, including info about them. You also have some filters to help choose the perfect freelancer.

6) Logged in homepage has been redesigned and more items have been added. We worked a lot on UI presentation. 

7) Very mobile friendly: We have worked hard on the presentation on mobile devices. It is extremely mobile friendly now, with a beautiful presentation of menu items on mobile.

8) Header menu item has been re-styled and a fancy functionality added

9) Admin can now do manual payouts.

10) Admin can now put in different processing/service fees AND decide different payout dates for different seller levels.

11)  Payoneer has been added. This can be used only for manual withdrawals. When seller request to withdraw available funds to his or her payoneer account, admin has to manually do this.

12) Now admin can either choose to do manual payouts or automatic payouts, we added a tab called “Payouts” that will record all manual payout requests, should the admin choose that option.

13) Every payout requests has a reference number that starts with “P-” sellers can give admin this reference number in case any issue arises.

14) Proposal page has been restyled and more features have been added to it

15) Search has been improved

16) More strings have been added for admin to translate to any language

17) More bugs have been fixed & tested.

95% has already been completed as of now, and we are currently testing.

ETA for v1.4.1: Wednesday, 2nd October


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