Perfect Time to Start an Online Business (Corona Virus – Covid 19)

Because of the corona virus (covid-19), most businesses are closing down their doors; restaurants, concerts, shops etc are all closing down their doors. This is unfortunate because a lot of businesses are losing tons of money, and in return unable to support all their employees. Many able workers/employees have had to quarantine themselves, and some have even been left without jobs because of this deadly virus. As information keeps coming in, it is apparent that the situation is only getting worst.

It is situations like this that prick our brains and clearly outline the importance of having an online business.

Now let’s take a minute and analyze this corona virus (covid-19) pandemic. The first case was discovered in December of 2019, and in 3-4 months it has already hit almost every country on earth. This is scary because the existence of the corona virus (covid 19) just indicates to us how violent a virus like this can be. It is also very clear now that there could be more viruses like the covid-19 that could cause even more damage. This virus also shows us how ONE single virus can literally shutdown the entire world. This is really scary stuff. Stocks are all dropping, businesses are losing millions of dollars, interviews are all being cancelled etc. A lot of businesses have actually closed down their doors because of fear of the spread – this means there are thousands of employees out there that are jobless right now because of this pandemic, and they have no idea when they will return to their jobs.


Companies are focussing now on online labor, while most talented employees who are left without jobs or scared to go to any public places because of the virus, are going online as well to hustle up for gigs in order to support themselves. As a matter of fact, freelance marketplaces are getting tons of sign-ups.

There are articles online claiming that people who own online businesses are thriving because of this pandemic. However, that is not all true. Lets shed some light on this:

People who own e-commerce stores that are either drop-shipping or reseller businesses are also affected by this somehow. This is because most drop shippers or resellers purchase their items from china. Now shipments have been delayed especially from china because of the pandemic. Shipping companies in general are very slow right now because of the pandemic.

but however,

online businesses like fiverr, peopleperhour etc are making loads of money especially at this very moment because most employers are heading to freelance marketplaces to hire online labour, while most talented workers who are either out of their jobs or scared to go to work because of the pandemic are joining freelance services to offer their services for a price online. It is very clear that even when this virus blows off, most people will be more aware and will have accounts on freelance websites just in case something like this happens again.

As authors of two online business scripts, we do recommend that you guys purchase either the GigToDo Script or the VoiceMondo Script to have either a main or backup for a passive income.

More people will be heading to freelance marketplaces now for help to setup their online businesses as well, and more employers will be outsourcing tasks online. So owning a script like the GigToDo Script is

Advantages of Owning a Script like GigToDo

  1. Passive Income: You do less for revenue to start flowing in
  2. Video Plugin: Because of our high tech video plugin – tutors, teachers etc could teach students online. Job interviews could also be held online with the video plugin
  3. Easy to have return  customers
  4. Everything is online, so even if you have the virus, you could still run a freelance business
  5. Unlimited earning potentials. You could easily be earning upwards of $20k or more each month
  6. According to this article and other similar articles online ( freelancers will account to as much as 80% of the entire workforce worldwide by 2030. Previously considered as mere side gigs and extra jobs, freelance work has now become a major employment option. That article is backed by forbes.

Now is the time to act. If you own the GigToDo Script and it’s plugins, you are very equipped with everything necessary to start and run your own freelance marketplace, and as everything is going online, you could start earning as soon as the next couple days.


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