New Update [GigToDo] v1.4

GigToDo Script is one of our most popular scripts. It comes with a ton of features to allow ANYONE start and run a very successful freelance marketplace business.

Now the question here might be, what is a freelance marketplace script? or with the existence of big freelance marketplace platforms like fiverr, peopleperhour – will a newbie with GigToDo Script survive these giants & make revenue? or finally, what can we expect from v1.4?

To start with an answer to the first question: a freelance services marketplace script (in short) is an online platform where businesses/individuals can find and hire individual contractors to do some work remotely. People are obsessed with platforms like these because of how low the prices are, and the large pool of talent. Usually a typical freelance services marketplace platform will consist of people with skills and talents from different aspects & works of life.

Now on to the next question. With the existence of big freelance marketplace platforms like fiverr, peopleperhour – will a newbie with GigToDo Script survive these giants & make revenue?  Yes, of course! It all lies in the aspect of good marketing. Sellers or freelancers online are always eager to use their skills online and make more cash. For that reason, they are willing to be on multiple websites serving more clients. Most giants like Fiverr , PeoplePerHour, upwork etc have certain rules and policies that don’t work well with a lot of great and talented sellers.

According to facts, many companies and individuals are looking to hire sellers on freelance marketplaces to either carry out experimental projects or temporary projects etc. This is a snippet of an article we read on, a reliable info website:

The Intuit 2020 Report estimated that 80% of large corporations plan to increase the use of freelancers in the coming years. Accenture also pointed out that 20% of Fortune 500 companies are already using freelance marketplaces like upwork(actually a lot more  if you count other platforms) to prepare themselves for the workforce transformation.

The point here is, in the upcoming years, the amount of users heading to freelance marketplaces for services will increase significantly. As a matter of fact, it is rapidly increasing already. As long as you plan, organize, market and be passionate about this market sector, GigToDo Script which is equipped with everything, will help you get rid of your 8 to 5 job, and create your own giant freelance marketplace. Our intensive research show a lot of potential in this sector.

Our plan is to help you succeed. Based on research, users or potential users are attracted to websites (freelance marketplace websites) that are extremely user friendly, and are packed with a ton of useful and convenient features to help them have a great experience on the site. Because of that, we are committed to providing as many useful features as possible and the opportunity for other developers to contribute plugins to the script in the near future. Please stick with us. We just created a facebook group for all owners of the script. This group will allow users to help each other, as well as post ideas for implementation. You can access link here

Now on to the next item. What is to be expected in v1.4? This is probably the only reason why some of you came to this link. Well, I do urge you to read the above as well. It’s a good read, I promise.

In our adventure to providing amazing features, these are some of the items coming up in v1.4

  1. Sellers and buyers will be distinguished on the platform. Right now, when a user post a proposal, and that proposal is approved by admin, that user automatically becomes a seller. With the update, normal users (or lets call them buyers) Will not see the “Selling” tab, as well as a few other items on their dashboards until they become sellers.
  2. Sellers will be able to create their own coupon codes for their proposals. This will help them in their marketing efforts.
  3. Create-Proposal page will be completely redesigned. It will have a very beautiful UI and features. We added the “Make Proposal Featured” at the end of the create proposal process.  This will provide more avenues for admin to make revenue.
  4. Tags will be clickable. On current version, tags are not. New update, clicking on a tag will lead to a page with proposals related to that tag.
  5. Search improved! users will be able to search for tags, proposal titles, and users.
  6. Also, when typing out text on search, related items in database will auto-populate a drop-down list.
  7. Featured proposals will always be at the top of the pages or searches. This itself will encourage more sellers to feature their proposals
  8. A page that will display all freelancers on the platform, in a stylish way.
  9. Blacklist system. Admin will be able to add items in the black list database. When users type out any of these items items, admin will get an alert once that message is sent. Users will get warning message when they type out any item that is on the blacklist. If they proceed to sending the message with that blacklisted item, admin will get an alert.
  10. There will be a tab for alerts on admin panel. This will show all alerts
  11. Admin will be able to manually add or reduce users’ shopping balance
  12. A whole accounting system will be implemented where admin can see all revenue, expenses, profit (Gross & Net), amount in shopping balance, total sales etc and they will be able to filter through this.
  13. Payouts. Admin will have the option to manually handle payouts. So admin can set payout dates based on user’s level and can manually proceed with these payouts after being requested by seller.
  14. Payoneer will be added for payouts. Only for manual payouts.
  15. Paystack will be added for payouts and automatic payments and withdrawals.
  16. Website will be able to support RTL
  17. Limitations for unapproved emails will be implemented. When users’ sign up and do not activate their accounts through their emails, they will have some limitations on the site
  18. Enable or disable www
  19. Watermark will be added for order deliveries (useful for graphic designs)
  20. A lot more strings will be provided so admins can translate more items to their own language
  21. More security improved
  22. Some old items improved

And more…

Development Completion: Aug 28 – still on schedule, we will be uploading on demo in a few hours.

P.S. We pushed the update’s launch date to Aug 28th because we had to add additional features on the script, as well as update old payment gateways and improve more on the security. Please bear with us.

Follow us on Facebook to keep up with everything about the script, also join this group on Facebook when you purchase script to get help and support from other users as well post ideas of features you’d love on the script.


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