GigToDo v1.5 Update

Like we promised when we started our journey for GigToDo. We will be constantly improving the script. So far we have had a lot of entrepreneurs purchase the script and are successfully using it as a base for their startups. Because of the increase usage, we have decided to add more features. GigToDo v1.5 will be another major update. The following are included.

  1. Admins will be able to create sub-admins and assign specific roles to them
  2. Email templates will be easily edited directly from the admin panel
  3. Theme/script’s color will be easily changed directly from admin panel
  4. Section for google analytics will be added
  5. Aws storage or local storage will be added
  6. User’s will be able to change currency on website and see prices in their own currency
  7. Admin will be able to change currency format (e.g. $1,000,000 or $1.000.000)
  8. New email system will be added (swift mailer)
  9. There will be the ability for admin to create new pages from admin panel
  10. A blog system will be added that will be easily controlled from the admin panel
  11. More filters (Filter country & city, Currency filter on website, sorting on proposal page)
  12. Email receipt after proposal has been purchased
  13. Watermark on deliveries
  14. Ability for admin to add video on slider and home slider
  15. Ability for seller to create own portfolio. Just like fiverr
  16. Forum like system created for GigToDo
  17. Proposal page redesigned to look more professional
  18. Complete script translated and RTL improved

      More Items added into our update list:

  1. Email templates completely redesigned and upgraded. Courtesy of one of our former buyers and now Pixinal designer, @Wendell. You can see a preview here and another preview here
  2. Users will be able to login either with username or email
  3. In proposal page, click on a proposal image will open it in large screen, just like fiverr
  4. There will now be a way to edit attributes. Current system doesn’t allow for editing attribute in create a proposal screen
  5. Admin now has the power to set the base price for proposals. If admin decides to set base price as “0”, then sellers can be able to create proposals and offer for free.
  6. Admin has the option to configure system to either let edited proposals be added back to GigToDo platform automatically, or sent back again for approval.
  7. Admin will have an option to add “unlimited revisions” as one of the days for revisions.
  8. Revision system will be fully improved
  9. Admin will have the option to disable local video upload. If admin has the Gateway Plugin and doesn’t need people to have the option to upload .mp4s from their computer and fill up admin’s server, admin now has the option to disable local video upload.
  10. Now extras can be configured for days. For example, if a seller creates a proposal and configures it to deliver it in 2 days after an order is placed. Now that seller  has the option to add an extra, say, “24 hour delivery” and set the extra delivery to 1 day. If a user/buyer clicks on that extra and pays the extra amount, the 2 days will automatically update to 1 day.
  11. Sellers will have the options to disable sliding notifications
  12. One new payment gateway:

      More Items added into our update list:

  1. Tip feature. This will enable buyers to be able to give an optional tip after order completion
  2. Ability for admin to send notification for all users of the website to see (New addition)
  3. Purchase code management system. This is to track all those who didn’t purchase from a legit platform.
  4. Bugs fixes as per this link:
  5. Complete translation as per this link:

The above list is growing and we will update it in case we have newer features for this update.

Update: Unfortunately, as a result of this pandemic and all the lockdowns, we have no choice but to extend the launch date for v1.5, as developers have been unable to go to our workplace. We really apologize for this, but as you all know this unfortunate virus has disrupted everything. The good news though is that we have already completed about 80% and will have a few customers testing it on the 29th and 30th March. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Estimated Date of Completion: (April 27th – 30th, 2020)

NB: The above date range indicates when we will be officially done with creating the update, however, it doesn’t account for the time codecanyon or codester will take to review the update. As usual, users who purchased from our store will get the update as soon as it’s completed. Cheers!

Mobile Apps will have major updates as well. Preview.


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