• Category :Web Creation
  • Status :Completed
  • Client : Zingha

Project Brief:

 Zingha is an Afrikan scholar and seamstress born in Cameroon. Her blog aims to spread knowledge on the histories of Afrikan textiles, modes of Afrikan dress practices, and tips on living a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Mainly, she walks readers through her journey of researching the histories of, and creative practices in Afrikan textiles. Her mission as an Afrikan scholar is to disseminate acquired knowledge of the histories of how Afrikan people indigenously produced textiles and apparels that reflected their culture and identity. Focusing on what it means for Afrikans to reclaim culture and knowledge that has progressively been stripped, repressed, appropriated, misrepresented, and stolen over the centuries of enslavement, colonialism, and intellectual imperialism.

We are honored that she chose Pixinal to help her build her dream.


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