• Category :Web Creation
  • Status :Completed
  • Client : RydePass, LLC

Project Brief:

Rydepass offers safe and convenient transportation for smaller communities with colleges. There are hundreds of smaller communities that are underserved by big ride-share companies like uber or lyft. With this, a lot of people can’t function because they do not have rides. Cab services in such areas are usually very poorly maintained. The lack of a reliable means of transportation can lead to DUIs, assaults, lack of jobs etc. RydePass focusses on towns like this, but with universities. Our founder Patrice T. happens to be the CTO for this company.

Just like uber, RydePass has a driver and a user app. Pixinal was chosen to be the backup tech team for RydePass, LLC. 

If you are located in a similar town (smaller town with a university, and no uber or lyft) you can sign up to be a RydePass ambassador for that town. 


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