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Lust World is the most sophisticated cam website in the world. Some could say it is a clone to onlyfans as it contains all the main features that onlyfans has, plus more. We are currently still in the process of building, however, on track to complete by January 1st. Ever since the covid 19 pandemic, cam websites have become increasingly popular, with one in every 10 adult girls having some sort of affiliation with a cam site. Many cam girls are suddenly reporting significant increases to their earnings from cam websites. No one is really looking into the owners of these websites. That, for us, is the real gold mine. For that reason, we are building the ultimate cam website for you, our lovely customer, to own and run your very own fully functional cam website. Below are some of the features on the cam website – Lust World.

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Live Cam

Lust allows models to launch live cams where other users can interact with them in real-time. Models/performers can see number of views and interact with users through the live chat.

Paid Content

Lust allows users to create paid content. This includes images and videos. Users will be able to see this content only after payment.


Lust allows models/peformers to create subscriptions for users to have access to their live feeds and content. Models will be able to add all content into a subscription or sell them as addons.

Live Chat

All live feed have a live chat section. This allows models/performers to interact with their viewers. Some users may want private video sessions with the models, which is also possible with Lust.

Tips & emojis

The live chat is equipped with a tips and emojis function. This allows users to interact with the model or performer by sending emojis or tipping the model/performer.

Following & Friends

Lust allows users to be able to follow and also send friend requests to models. If a user follows a model/performer, that user will be able to see all the content posted by model in Activity page.

Activity Page

The activity page show all contents posted by models. It could be a caption, free or paid content to a live feed status.

Inbox Messaging

Lust also has an inbox messaging system that is equipped with a video chat module. This allows users to launch paid video chat sessions with models/performers.

Dashboard Stat

The dashboard stat on Lust shows models/performers statistics on how they are doing on the Lust platform. This includes views, earnings etc.

Filter Sytem

Filters allows users to filter through content and land on just what they are looking for. Every post on Lust will require the model to tag a filer to it.

View Counter

Lust has a powerful view counter that is coded to count unique views for all users viewing content on the platform.

ID Verification API

The ID verification is to automatically approve models/performers who are 18+ Lust also allows admins to choose to do manual or automatic approvals.

Video Chat

The video chat tool on lust is to allow models/performers to have personalized experiences with their users. This includes private video calls that could either be recorded or not.

Support & Ticketing

Lust comes with a fully built ticketing system to allows both models/performers and users to open tickets whenever there are issues. Admins view this tickets and can update the status.

Notification System

The notification system allows users to be fully aware of certain actions on the Lust platform. This includes new friend requests, new following, ticket update etc.


Lust gives the admin extra sources for earning. One is the promotion tool that allows models/performers to pay so that their profile surfaces at the top and also at the top of the main homepage.

Realtime Search

Lust comes packed with a very powerful search engine. This search tool is realtime and searches the database in seconds.

Model's Page

The models page is like a catalog of all the models/perfomers on the platform. This allows users to search through and find the models they are looking for in order to watch their content.


Live Cam & Chat

Clean Web Pages

The lust software is bundled up with a ton of exciting features that power, and significantly improve the experience of users on a cam site. In addition to having similar features as OnlyFans, it has additional features such as a live cam and live chat section where users can interact with a model/performer. Users can send messages, emojis and even tip the model directly from the live chat module. Just below the live cam section, there is an area populated with all content being sold by the model/performer.

The entire site is built on 3 principles: Clean. Elegant and Responsiveness. These 3 principles govern the development of Lust.


Lust CMS

Admin Panel

The Lust admin panel comes packed with a ton of features to enable the admin control almost every aspect of the site. We will continue build in new features as per feedback and feature requests from customers. With the Lust complete suite, you can effectively launch you own million dollar cam website or adult website just like OnlyFans.


No App Required

Mobile Responsiveness

Unfortunately, platforms like the Appstore and Google Playstore do not approve adult oriented mobile apps. For that reason, we have decided to focus a lot more on the presentation of the Lust platform on different screen sizes, especially on mobile. 

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