• Category :Web Creation, Plugin
  • Status :Completed
  • Owner: Pixinal Studio
  • Tech Specs: PHP, Javascript, Ajax, Twilio

Project Brief:

Introducing GigToDo Notifier.

At pixinal studio, we believe in innovation. We are constantly working on our products to distinguish them from other competitors. Our goal is to stay at an affordable price, but at the same time create master level products and plugins with premium quality. Our latest plugin is called The GigToDo Notifier.

The GigToDo Notifier is a plugin integrated with twilio’s APIs into core of the GigToDo Software. With this plugin installed, the system scans and sends out text messages to users regarding actions taking place on the GigToDo platform. 

With this plugin, buyers and sellers are completely informed right away. This comes in very handy if the user is required to take action immediately. This plugin will significantly improve the efficiency & effectiveness of your GigToDo Marketplace business, which will improve your odds of guaranteed business success.

 As mentioned above, the GigToDo Notifier plugin help increase & improve user (both buyer & sellers) engagement on the GigToDo Script with realtime sms/text message updates. User gets a text message when one of the following occurs:



Inbox Messages

With this plugin, once anyone on the platform messages any user, that user gets a text message instantly. This prompts the user to log back into the platform and check the message.

Orders Delivered

When an order is delivered, the user/buyer gets an instant text message

Support Answered

With the GigToDo support system fully integrated, user gets text messages whenever admin responds to his or her support ticket.

Proposal Approval or Decline

Once the admin approves or declines a proposal, the user will get a text message regarding that.

Modifications Requested

Seller gets a text message whenever buyer sends a modification request after an order is delivered.

Withdrawal Request

Whenever a withdrawal request is approved or declined, seller will get an instant text message.

Review Submitted

Whenever buyer gives a review, seller will get a text message for that action.

With this plugin, both the buyers and sellers are constantly in the loop, and efficiency is improved significantly.