• Category :Web Creation
  • Status :Completed
  • Owner: Pixinal Studio
  • Tech Specs: PHP, Javascript, Ajax

Project Brief:


Introducing GigToDo’s gateway plugin which provides more features to our GigToDo Script. You’d need the GigToDo’s script for this to work.

Features Included

Contains the following features.

 1) 2Checkout – For Payments
 2) Bank account – For Withdrawals
 3) MoneyGram – For Withdrawals
 4) YouTube – Share Videos
 5) Vimeo – Share Videos


For this plugin, every GigToDo script owner will have to make sure manual payouts in General Settings is set to “Yes” in order for bank account and money gram withdrawals to work. Activating this plugin also automatically adds an extra option for users to add embed code for either YouTube or Vimeo. Don’t overload your servers with large video files, plus more.

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In Account Settings

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