• Category :Web Design & Development
  • Status :Completed
  • Owner :Doctaz, LLC
  • Tech Spec :PHP (codeigniter), JS (Ajax, jQuery, Node.js), webRTC

Project Brief:

Doctaz is an online platform that brings patients, nurses and doctors together online. With doctaz, more patients (especially in Africa) have access to more doctors and nurses in around the globe. Doctaz was built with patients (especially in Africa) in mind. Most patients in Africa don’t have access to professional and qualified doctors & nurses. Doctaz’s mission is to change that. With Doctaz, patients will have more access to qualified doctors & nurse,  not only in Africa but across the globe.

Having our very own CEO as CTO of Doctaz, LLC, the entire telehealth platform was built with the most sophisticated tools ever with the goal of building amazing features that will facilitate this dream. The dream of connecting more patients in Africa with doctors and nurses all around the world.

So far, Doctaz is the biggest project we have ever worked on and this took a little over a year to build as a lot of time was spent in quality control, security and testing. 

Doctaz has several dashboards. Doctor’s Dashboard, nurse’s dashboard, patient’s dashboard, and guardian’s dashboard. Below is a screenshot of the doctor’s dashboard.



Doctaz is packed with so many amazing features that it is impossible to list all of them on here. However, below we will list out the most important set of features that govern the process and activities on Doctaz.





Symptom Checker

One of the most sophisticated tools we built for Doctaz is a symptom checker. The symptom checker is the ideal tool to assist patients in preliminary diagnosis. Using artificial intelligence to check symptoms, it then guides patients to the appropriate medical services, and possible causes of their symptoms. Symptom checker is equipped with a clickable male and female anatomy.


Tools that power


As mentioned above, doctaz is packed with so many amazing tools that power telehealth, especially in Africa. We will regularly update and mantain this project so it’s a complete success. With our CEO leading the IT team for doctaz, Pixnal developers are very much engaged in the development and deployment of this project.


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