Become an author of a GigToDo Plugin [Money Making Opportunity]

Hello dear readers, we have once again brought to you another great money making opportunity. As days pass by, the GigToDo script becomes more and more popular as hundreds of people are purchasing it. GigToDo script presents a very unique platform that can be fully or partially customized to suit quite literally any kind of freelance business online and even offline. We have seen some tremendous success with some of our GigToDo customers. They key is good marketing.

With hundreds of people purchasing the script every single day, there has now been an avenue whereby more people are requesting several different features. Some of this features are planned for later updates, while some of them aren’t. We sort of speculated a situation like this early on and decided to implement a plugin feature in the GigToDo Script. The plan is to fully establish this plugin feature, create a very detailed documentation so other developers can follow and create plugins for the GigToDo script.

Until a detailed documentation is available, we are offering our services to you. Yes you. If you have a plugin idea for the GigToDo Script, and you believe it’s a great idea, please contact us. We can develop this plugin for you from scratch, making it very compatible with the GigToDo Script, and you can sell it on any platform you wish (Codecanyon, Codester, your website etc) The plugin will be 100% yours. We will be on standby to help with updates and technical support, while you make loads of money selling the plugin. Your plugin. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to run your own GigToDo Script plugin business. We can provide all the technical know-hows, while you just focus on getting as many customers as possible.

Depending on what plugin we create for you, or how many plugins we create for you, you can possibly be making $1k-$6k+ a month. This also depends on how good your marketing is.

In a few days, we have plans to invest deep into marketing, which means more exposure. This is the best time to get into the plugins game, as we plan to completely surpass literally any and every freelance marketplace script out there.

If you have an questions, please contact us on chat or shoot us an email at

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